Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Big Papa!

"I like my fries animal style..." said Big J  (the husband).

"I like my MAN animal style!"  I said with a twinkle in my eye.

This is called flirting with your spouse.  I do it all the time.  I highly recommend...
Then he grabbed my foot (as he is often wont to do) and violently popped my toes.  &*%&^*%&*^$!!!  Ouch.

I planned an emergency birthday surprise party for Big Papa in my mind.  I took the kids to walmart and let them pick gifts for the big occasion. 

T-bone chose bags of snack size peanut M&Ms and mini-snickers bars in the hopes he might share the spoils. 

"Dad wants lotion for his birthday!"  said Maya.

"Lotion?"  I asked.  "Are you sure you want to buy him lotion?"

"Yes!  He wears it when gets out of the shower.  He wears THIS kind." 

She actually found the brand of body lotion Big J prefers and picked a wrapping paper to diguise it.

I seriously hate going to walmart with kids.  It makes me feel crazy and trashy. 

I am forever saying things like, "Don't put that in the cart!  I'm not buying that!"  and "Get up off the floor before that man runs you over! ...I'm so sorry, sir!"  and  "If you kick your sister one more time, I will kick YOU!"

My younger children hang like monkeys on the bottom of the cart and kick each other.  While my older girls spend an hour trying to convince me of the positive merits of buying jello cups and bubble wrap.  It's maddening!

The children wrapped their gifts for Daddy all by themselves.  It was heart warming to see T-bone smack Maya over the head with a wrapping paper tube.

Big J requested In-n-Out burger for dinner which required I break the Sabbath.  I hope I don't end up with a monster case of Montezuma's revenge as punishment... Or even WORSE... stubborn love handles due to unrighteous hamburger consumption!  Terrifying thought.

My man is 35 years old which means I'll start shopping nursing homes soon... 

Happy birthday to my Big Strong Man!  I love you!