Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Know Why We're All Nuts

Truth is found everywhere. 

Today I found it in my daughter and in a book sent to me by my mother-in-law.

My Bella(10) is an artist and a philospher in her soul.

"I made this for you," she said this morning.

It is a flower.  Simple on the outside edges.  It becomes more intricate, complicated and beautiful as it approaches the center.

It reads, "Not All Of Your Beauty Is On The Outside."

 She clearly didn't want me to include her in the picture.

Sometimes I forget not all of my beauty is on the outside.  Bella recognized I needed her wisdom.  I appreciate the simple humility and wisdom of my little ones.

Sometimes I am convinced I am so flawed to my core all I have is my outward appearance.  Sometimes I let the negative opinion others have of me weigh me down in such a way that I cannot see who I Truly am.  Sometimes the darkness in my heart swallows me whole and I am convinced if I am not physically attractive I have no worth.

Yet there are other times when I allow myself to surrender to The Warmth of The Spirit that I am pierced to my core and I know.  I know without a doubt my Divine Worth and Potential.

It is during these bursts of Light I see why we are all Insane to a degree.

My mother-in-law sent me a book that has blown my mind.  She was inspired to send it at a time when I desperatly needed a lift.  I consider this gift from her a Tender Mercy of God and a Minor Miracle in my life.  I carry it with me everywhere.  I write in it and fall asleep on it.  I have mangled it.

I am a Seeker of Light and Love.  I read and meditate and pray daily to recieve in my heart what God would have me know and do.

I have come to understand through these mediums that I am completely nuts for a reason.  I look around me and realize I am not alone in my insanity.

I constantly vascillate between extremes in my mind.  My posts can attest to the inner struggle I face daily.  The struggle to find my True Self.  The struggle for Peace and Joy.  The struggle for a Love that will fill me to overflowing and touch everyone with whom I come in contact.

I have come to see clearly why I struggle so.

I am a Goddess in training.  A Goddess in embryo.  I am housed in a tabernacle of clay and am daily assaulted with outside forces that encourage negative emotions.  Anger.  Anxiety.  Depression.  Selfishness.

I live in a darkened world with you.  You too share my plight.

I am a Natural Woman with a Natural Mind in a dark world.  I am also a Spiritual Woman with a greater potential to develop my True Spiritual Mind.

Speaking of Man, Catherine says,

"His mind is shaped both by accurate and inaccurate interpretations of the nature of things... With no memory of who he really is, he fixes on his emotional and physical survival, thus fostering self-absorption and anxiety.  Flawed ideas take root in his mind which cause him to react to life in unconscious negative patterns.  Conditional Love and even hatred dog him.  His perception is clouded by vain imaginings and faulty interpretations... He sins and is sinned against.  Fear threads its way through his life. His confused mind fashions his perceptions of a confused world.  That is, the Natural Man suffers from a degree of insanity."

Phew!  That was a mouth full!  You catch my drift though, right?

The Natural woman suffers from a degree of insanity as well... especially at that special time of the month when it's best to vacate the premises...

So what are we to do?  Can I expect this level of insanity forever?  Ooo I hope so! :)

For those who prefer calm it seems there is a higher way to a joyful life.

In Health and Yoga it was stated,

"Thoughts are all powerful and forge our fate for better or worse.... Never allow a gruge, hate, contempt, greed, jealousy or any other base instinct to touch your mind.  Such emotions set up dangerous currents, poison mind and body, and the result is sickness.  Discipline your emotions;be happy and do not allow extrenal circumstances to influence you!  Always be conscious of the fact that in the sky of your mind you are the sun..."

Yes! I am the SUN! 

So the bottom line is our thoughts are in charge.  We need to control our thoughts and life will progress accordingly.  It's all very Karma-esque.  Whatever you put out will come back to you.  Think good positive thoughts and your life will change in dramatic, unexpected ways for your betterment.