Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Deep Yoga Insights

Yoga tonight. 

My yoga partner smelled earthy, which is a nice way to say she clearly doesn't subscribe to the whole deodorant craze.

My instructor, Bruce, was like, "Everybody find a partner."

So I looked over at the chick next to me and did the whole awkward You and Me? hand gesture. 

The position we were instructed to do required standing on one leg with your other leg and arm extended toward the sky.  Then you grab your extended foot with your extended hand and arch backward until you lose your balance and fall on your face...

The partner was to place her hand and push firmly on the outter edge of the standing buttock in order to steady the position.

I never mind the partnering.  It's cool.  I'm fine with it.

But tonight I had the fleeting thought,

"Dude.  I have never met this chick before and her hand is placed squarely on the outter edge of my left buttock.  Why am I ok with this?"

I still don't know the answer to that question... I just thought you'd be entertained.

I then placed my hand on HER left buttock... and then her right one...  So then it was fair.