Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Break


I love having my kids home.  I sleep in.  I lay in bed 'til 11-ish and let the little ones climb and cuddle me and wrestle each other.  I feel super duper happy when I'm well rested and my son kicks me in the head repeatedly and tries to pop my toes.

I let the kids invite friends over for a sleep over last night.  Crazy Fun!  Lots of giggly googly girls... and my one boy... sad story...

He is constantly asking me to buy him a brother.

Took them to the Halloween store today.  It's nuts to be in charge of six kids in public all alone, but I feel very accomplished when they are all still alive and smiling at the end of the day.

I'm very proud to announce that Bella's BFF, Katie, had never spent the night at anyone's home before but her own.  She (and her parents) chose my place to be her first slumber party experience EVER!  Can you BELIEVE this?!  They trust ME with their only child!  I can't tell you how honored I feel!  I really love that little girl.

Serena's BFF is an only child too.  She is delightful and sweet and mellow. 

Would YOU trust me with your child?  Hmmmm? 

I took them all to lunch and the park.  Then they begged to go to the Halloween store.  I was delighted.  I simply can't get enough of that place!  THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!!  I think I might want to own my very own Halloween Store when I grow up... HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?!

The only prob with taking kids to the Halloween Store is they are constantly pointing out the inappropriate costumes.

"Hey Mom!  Look!  Someone can dress up like a BOOB!  And if you have a friend there could be TWO BOOBS!"  said Tyson.

There was LITERALLY a GIANT BOOB costume!  It was located immediatly next to the clown attire.  So any innocent person innocently wanting to be a innocent clown for Halloween is suddenly assaulted with a picture of a guilty man dressed as a huge breast.

At first I laughed then I remembered I'm trying to be better person and I straightened right up.

"People who wear things like that are disgusting," I said.

Being a better person is difficult.

If God KNEW He wanted me to be an active Mormon, WHY did I also come with such a naughty sense of humor?  Hmmm?  It's a conflict of interest in my mind.  I suppose we all have our trials...  I'm working on it... Ugh!

Clowns are creepy.

I looked around for costume ideas for myself.  There are very few options that cover all the of the important body parts completely.  All of the woman's costumes are a variation of the same mess.  You can be a whorish cop or a slutty Minnie mouse or a loosey goosey veterinarian.

Ummm... No Thanks.