Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Hypocrisy

I may be a prisoner in my own home on Halloween Night.

A line in the sand has been drawn for all the Mormons in the Land.  A test of our commitment, if you will.

Yes. Thank you.  I will.

Halloween night falls on a SUNDAY!

Sunday is The Sabbath.

We Mormons are encouraged to do uplifting things like reading Holy Books and baking bread and visiting the afflicted.  We are DIScouraged from shopping, eating out or visiting the home of strangers who dole out free candy on a Pagan holiday.

There was a row today at the Mormon Mommy playdate regarding this subject. 

"There is NO WAY my children are Trick or Treating on the Sabbath!" said one lady.

"I agree!" said another.  "What if your child CHOKES on a piece of Halloween candy acquired from Trick or Treating on Sunday?  I'd never forgive myself!"

(Ok.  So nobody actually said that second thing, but I'm pretty sure they were thinking it...)

I'm not tight with the ladies who said the above mentioned things.  (I'm starting to believe someone actually did say the second thing now.  It just feels right.)

One of my friends piped up,

"Well, I am TOTALLY taking my kid Trick or Treating.  I'll probably go to Hell but I'm pretty sure I won't make it to the Celestial Kingdom anyway...  I probably wouldn't like all those exalted people so it's cool...".

Then my other friend said,

"I agree.  I think it's silly to stay home while all the other kids in the neighborhood are knocking on your door.  I'll just wear a t-shirt that says HYPOCRITE."

I responded to that with,

"I'll stay home and judge you harshly and wear a shirt that says SADDUCEE..."

I was rasied in a home where if there was no toilet paper and it was a Sunday we used the shower curtain to avoid offending God by shopping on Sunday.

Mmmmk.  So... that's not completely true either...  We used leaves.  If it was good enough for Adam and Eve, it was good enough for us.

That's a lie too. 

Suffice it to say we never, ever went to a store or place of business or Easter Egg hunt on the Sabbath.  OUR Easter Bunny pooped out eggs on SATURDAY.

My husband has decided to be a commited Mormon and teach our children the importance on Sabbath day observance.  My children and I will have our faces smashed up against the window panes watching the others run about in goulish costumes whilst begging for delicious treats.

I have not decided whether or not I will use my power of Veto at this time.

We break the Sabbath often when I am craving a bucket of KFC after church.  But we (usually) DO NOT get dressed up in special Pagan inspired costumes to do so.

If we are gonna be Mormons, we should do it right.  Right?  IDK.

To be fair, we will be attending a Church function in which the children and I will dress up and beg for food from various cars in the church parking lot.  Truck or Treat, it's called.

To be UNfair, we will be prisoners in our own home on the most important day of the year.  Thursday.

PS  A new camera is way past due.  I'm working on it.  (I do feel I look my best when I am slightly out of focus though...)