Friday, October 22, 2010

East Of Eden

"So... what's your book about?" asked Big J (the husband). 

I'm pretty sure he was just trying to polite and make conversation. 

"Oh it's about a pretty girl who becomes a whore..." I said casually.

I suddenly had his attention.  He wanted to know more.

"She burns down her parent's house with her folks still inside.  She kills them and finds a pimp and he tries to kill her because he is completely In Love with her and it drives him mad... then she marries a dude and sleeps with his brother...".

He liked the book so much I tucked him in bed and read it to him as a bedtime story until he was snoring peacefully.

Visions of sugar plums, whore houses and murder danced in his head.

Side Note:  I'm makin a weird face in the pic above and I have no idea what I must have been thinking but THAT'S the face I made when I thought that thing...  I am also displeased this white T makes me tummy look roll-y and it's sooo not...  This shirt is a LIAR!


Lately I sit on the tailgate of the truck and read while my kids ride bikes.  It's my happy place.

Have you ever read East of Eden by John Steinbeck? 

I don't know much about Steinbeck but I plan to find out.  He's got a genuis, dark mind in his head.

I'm on page 309. There are 600 pages.  I wish it would last forever.

I get sad when books end.  The people in there are my friends.  I worry about them during the day.

Today a man I Loved dearly died in my book.  I felt heavy hearted about it, but he lived a good long life so...

Books are my escape.  A refuge where anything is possible. 

I seriously CAN'T WAIT to discuss this book with all the Mormon ladies at my book group on Thursday!  FUN!

East of Eden also discusses the Bible story and Cain and Abel in great depth, so that means it's a good, quality religious book that also happens to feature a lot of hookers.

There is Love and Loss and Longing and Sorrow and Wishful Thinking.

You should read it so we can discuss. 

Fave quotes so far:

"Maybe everyone is too rich.  I have noticed there is no dissatisfaction like the rich. Feed a man, clothe him, put him in a good house, and he will die of despair." 

"I have a new love for that glittering instrument, the human soul.  It is a lovely and unique thing in the Universe.  It is always attacked and never destroyed- ..."

"There is something very attractive to men about a Madam.  She combines the brains of a business man, the toughness of a prize fighter, the warmth of a companion, the humor of a tragedian.  ...her old customers picture her as a ...poetess of the bodily emotions...".

Have I sold you on it yet?  GET READIN!