Saturday, September 18, 2010

Communal Living

Once upon a time,  our ancestors all lived together in one house.  Papa, Mama, Baby, Grandma and toothless Uncle Johnny.  They lived in relative harmony.

Papa woke up one day and said, "Get out, Johnny!"  and he built a nursing home and sent Grandma to live there.  "Enjoy the jello," he said.

I like the old way.  I enjoyed toothless Uncle Johnny and Grandma's buttermilk biscuits.  I ENJOYED sleeping sardine style with cousin Loca in a twin size bed!

When I was first married we moved in with my In-Laws. 

THEN, while my husband was in school we lived with my parents.  We moved in and out of there a couple times.

THEN, when I was RICH with lots of green money, my sister-in-law needed a place to crash for a couple of years.  I was like, CoolCome on!  Then she moved to New Zealand. Wah.

THEN my brother-in-law and his wife needed a place to crash for a year or so.  I was like, Door's Open!

THEN I had to sell my big fancy house and move in with my parents yet again.

NOW I live in a house with only my kids and my man. 

I miss having extra friends to talk to and cook for.  People really dig my cooking. 

Why do modern folks have to screw it all up?  And be all selfish and all like, "ooooo I like my privacy 'cause I'm detached and private and selfish...I need personal space.".

PERSONAL SPACE??? Personal space THIS, buddy!  That's what I say...

People in this country just want you to live ALLLLLL ALONE with only your spouse and the people that sprung forth from your very own womb AND THAT'S IT! 

In China, Wang and Wong enjoy rice with the Ancient ones all under one roof. 

In Mexico, Paco and Maria enjoy frijoles with Tia Lupita and Tio Beto in the same adobe home.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my new house and I realize that to be socially accepted in a social society I can't live with parents forever...

I am taking applications for the next human who wishes to share of my material substance. I'm very generous and I sing in the shower and I'll cook and clean and share my clothes if you promise to be nice to them and to me...

PS  My mom gave me this piano as a house warming gift.  It's over a hundred years old.

Then she said, "It's sad you have to move to your own house.  In Europe families included Mama and Papa and...".

...Apple doesn't fall far from the tree... I actually detest that cliche. It makes very little sense... but the concept is true...