Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gossip and Men

Sucks when "friends" gossip about you.  Well In this case they gossiped about me.

Gossip is stupid and petty and I have no time for that mess.

I don't even wanna show my face tomrrow at church because of the reputation that precedes me.  but I WILL walk in in a black silk dress and 5 inch heels and white pearls.  I will own the place. That's it.  BAM! Very Stepford Wife.

I'll give ya somethin to talk about, sister!

When someone says somethin not nice about me it hurts for a minute and then I let it go.  I don't give a damn about your drama, Drama Queen.  I ain't got time for you, ya foo'!

I gotta face the drama tomorrow at church amongst the Mormons.  I'd rather hide. But...  I'll put a smile on and dare someone to defy me.

Next subject:

I also get really irritated when women MAN BASH.  Don't be idiots, ladies!  Men have a lot of good qualities.  Men are strong and logical and virile and sexy.  You couldn't do without them so settle down,

I'm totally under the influence of ambien but I am completey sincere when i say  I LOVE MEN.  I have a dad and a brother and a hubby.  they all comtribute to my life in positive ways.

I HATE when women say men are simpletons.  PLEASE!  They sent a man to the moon and built scary missiles and they like sex a lot.  Me too. I like sex a lot too. I'm not a simpleton.  I just know whats good for me... it lubricates the joints which makes yoga easier and bendier...  true story.   My man is lucky.

What do you think about the battle of the sexes?  what's your opinion of men vs women?

Tonight I was at a baby shower and all the women were moaning and graoning about having to go home and be intimate with their spouses.  These women are just OVER IT!...  I can't relate, luckily.

What I say to these ladies is RELAX.  Enjoy your man.  Pretend away his flaws and let him please you.  He wants to please you so badly!  Allow yourself to enjoy it.  You deserve IT. 

Ambien does crazy things to my brain.  Leave me some comments folks.  I makes me feel loved.  I can see you on my site meter, you're out there reading, so just give me your opinion.  Good, bad, ugly... I want it. The end.