Saturday, August 14, 2010

Narcisssism At It's Finest

Regarding ME an anonymous commenter suggested I might be narcissistic by saying, "Narcissism at it's finest."


Isn't narcissism that disorder in which people are falling asleep all over the place? 

I'll have you know, Mr. Smarty Pants Anonymous Pants, that I AM AN INSOMIAC! 

YEAH!  That's right! I'm addicted to ambien, and have to take warm bubble baths and drink even warmer milk before bed and EVERYTHING!

If you think I just fall asleep at the dinner table and end up with a face full of spaghetti YOU'VE GOT ANOTHER THING COMIN', MISTER!

I mean,  You can't just wrongfully ACCUSE someone of something like that without taking responsiblity!  SHOW YOUR FACE, COWARD!  SHOW YOUR FACE!

If I were just walking down the street and fell asleep without warning don't you think I'd get HELP for that chemical imbalance?  Don't you think I'd AT VERY LEAST injest more caffiene, which would be very hard to do since I already have a severe Diet Coke codependence that verges on the ridiculous.  I'm completely corroding my liver here to avoid embarrassing slumber accidents and you don't even CARE!  Hmmmph!

*Deep breath*

Look.  I'm sorry.  I know we both said some things we don't mean here.  I'd love it if we could just drop the whole thing and be friends again...  Truce?