Friday, July 30, 2010

A New Friend: Audrey Anne

She is a pure physical manifestation of Love at it’s finest.

I held her in my arms and marveled at the tiny body that only hours earlier had been housed in the safety of her mother’s womb.

I curled her silky black hair around my index finger and stared into her tiny, new face. She looked familiar. I had seen this face before.

She squirmed and protested a bit. I held her body more tightly to mine and she calmed.

I thought about all the experiences she has yet to encounter. Rain drops on her tongue. The sight of fluffy white clouds against an azure sky. The warmth of a camp fire on a winter day. The kind of uncontrolled laughter inspired only by those who love her best.

Her mother will teach her to be gentle, loving and strong.

Her father will teach her bravery and to appreciate anything that stimulates and opens the mind.

The very presence of my brother and his wife will inspire her to embody a pristine inner beauty, which gift is the rarest of all when recognized. She will be confident in Who She Is.

The Love that surrounds her is palpable. There are hundreds of people on this earth who will help to stimulate her mind and cultivate her spirit. There are thousands beyond the grave that will comfort her when tears of frustration flow from her blinded eyes. All of them celebrate her safe arrival.

She will experience bee stings and rug burns and skinned knees.

She will fight with her big brother over the silliest of things. And he will become her very best friend in life. They will share secrets and fears and dreams. They have known each other forever and will continue to Love one another Here.

She will learn to distinguish the sweet from the bitter. And will understand the need in this life for both.

Romantic Love will find her eventually. Love will bring with her the exquisite Pain unique only to a broken heart. But Love will also bring Joy and Audrey’s heart will sing.

As I held this Gift of God in my arms I wondered what knowledge I could glean from her.

If our hearts are open we learn something new from everyone we meet.

I have decided her birth will inspire a newness of spirit in me. An appreciation for the details. Inspiration to find Joy in my journey. Joy in even the most minute of details.

I’m so happy to meet you, little one. I hope we can be friends.