Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mexican Hot Dogs

"Como hace CALOR!" said I.

The woman in the Mexi Hot dog truck agreed.  Her face was melting off her face.  I didn't tell her 'cause I didn't want to hurt her feelings.

"Mom. IT'S TOO HOT TO EAT OUT HERE!  Can't we just eat in the car with the A/C on?" ranted my spoiled, whitey children.

"No.  If that woman has to sit in an extra large tin can on the side of the road and sell delicious Mexican Hot Dogs wrapped in bacon than the LEAST we can do is eat them the way God intended! ... Outside.  In the Heat.  Speaking Spanish. "

"But we don't speak Spanish!" they wailed.

"Then I suggest you eat in silence.  Or you'll ruin the experience."

I forced my children to sit under a tarp by the roadside in downtown Tucson.  110 degrees.  Don't worry.  They like it.

They look so sweet when they are over-heated.  All rosey-cheeked, cherubic and dazed.

"Tres sodas de manzanita, por favor," I said. 

My kids LOVED the apple soda but had a hard time with the concept of leaving the glass bottle behind.

"Can we keep these cool bottles?" Maya asked.

"No, honey.  They need to be recycled.  We paid for the soda, not the bottle."

Blank stares all around.

"Yeah.  But can we keep the bottles?"


"But, can I make a piggy bank out of the bottle and keep it?"

"Are you TRYING to make me lose my mind?"

It's a conspiracy, I tell you.

"Algo mas?" asked the melty faced lady.

I was feelling pretty melty myself.

"Si.  Cuatro quesadillas y dos Hot Dogs," I said.

Hot Dog in Spanish is said the same as Hot Dog in English except you say it all Mexican-y with an impressive accent.  Instead of saying HAAUUUGHT DAAUUUHHG.  You gotta kinda spit it out.  HOTE DOGE.  Then you roll your RRRRRRR. 

Go ahead... YOU try.  Hot Dog rrrrrrrrrr.

Mmmmk.  Next time say it like you mean it.  ...That was a poor effort on your part...   Sigh.  Eyeroll.

Have you ever HAD a Mexican Hot Dog?


Well then you MUST! 


Put it on your List of To Do's Before Death.

They are life changing in the most fattening way possible.

I devoured mine in 60 seconds flat and could have easily downed another but they are $2.50 and I felt silly spending a great deal of money on hot dogs by the road side under a tarp.