Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Joy of Fabric

There were lots of respectable older ladies at the fabric store today.

I behaved myself.

But FABRIC MAKES ME GIDDY!  Fabric makes me HAPPY!  I wanna touch every bolt and wrap myself in fuschia satins and sing rousing renditions of We Welcome You to Munchkin Land.

I want to run up and down the isles shouting, "THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!!!"

I want to grab the respectable ladies by the shoulders and shriek, "HOW CAN YOU BE SO CALM!!!????"

Instead I smile at them gently.  You know that smile?  The one where you don't show teeth but your mouth is soft.  That smile is accompanied by a slight head nod.

Guess which smile I HATE?  I HATE the smile women do to each other that is tight lipped, no teeth with hard eyes.  OOOOOO I HATE THAT!  Them's fightin' words, lady.

I never do that smile.  It's a mean smile.

My kids fought over which fabrics we should buy.

Maya lived out my fantasy and hide amongst the Bolts Of Innate Joy.

We also bought wooden letters for them to paint. 

When my children exhibit creativity I well with pride.

"Your T looks kinda junky, Tyson," said Maya.

"I'M NOT DONE!" he replied.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.