Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Philosophies of Sisters

"Before we came to this Earth you and I decided we would be sisters," said Coral.  "We knew we would face very difficult challenges and we would need each other to get through."

Coral and I talked for hours about Love, Hate, Fear, Relationships, Mistakes, Successes, Parents, Siblings and Grandparents.

We talked about Life.

We asked each other, WHY?

Why am I who I am?  Why have I done the things I've done?  Why do I not seem to fit the mold?  Why do I not WANT to fit the mold?  Why, when I am so imperfect, do I Love who I am?

We tried to BLAME. 

Maybe we are this way because of the damage we've been caused.  Maybe we are a mess because of the PAIN we have endured.


"Coral, one day we will ALL realize how wrong we were," I said.  "Everyone has a personal story and reasons and excuses.  We need to have COMPASSION.  Compassion will HEAL us.  Anger, hurt and blame will only cause us more pain."

I have continued to have a beam of light shine on me tonight.

Coral and I DID make a pact before this life to Love and support and protect one another.

When this life is over ALL OF US will SEE CLEARLY.

We will realize we were all wrong. 

We will SEE we were blinded by HATE and DISGUST and LACK OF FORGIVENESS.

We will SEE how STUPID we were to fight over BORDERS ON THE EARTH THAT GOD GAVE US.

WE will SEE that WE have created those BORDERS.  Geographical Borders.  Emotional Borders.

We will have a chance to say we are SORRY to those we hurt in this life.  And those we have hurt will have a chance to FORGIVE.

There will be LOVE AND COMPASSION AND HEALING AND PEACE and maybe even Unicorn Farts.

I shared these things with my sister (omiting the part about Unicorn farts).

Then we went into a convenient store and she did the Moon Walk up and down the isles and I did a funny dance in the parking lot.

"We are a little weird," she said.

"HAHAHAHA!" said I.  "I LOVE who we are!"

Christ said, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.  Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."