Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Melt The Heart

I practice Anusara Yoga.

We begin practice with a chant to invoke The Spirits to bless our practice.

I love the thought of Spirits surrounding me to support me in life.  Unseen Angels.  Unseen Strength. Unseen Help.

Tonight as I practiced I was reminded to Melt The Heart.


There was strength in my arms and legs and they supported my practice.  I reveled in that strength and gave a silent prayer of gratitude for a healthy body.

But True Strength lied in The Melting Of My Heart.

I was also reminded to soften.  Soften my face.  Soften my eyes.  Soften my jaw.  Soften my mouth.

You Soften.  Melt Your Heart.

Tonight I allowed myself the luxury of softness. 

I allowed myself to Forgive. Others and Myself.

I allowed myself to Love.  Others and Myself.

I allowed myself Acceptance.  Of Others and Myself.

I saw that God is in Everything.  God is in every breath taken by my Loved Ones.

I exhaled the stresses of my day. 

I feel light.  Weightless and Bright Within.

I honor the Divine In You.