Friday, June 18, 2010

Meaningful T-shirt: $2.99

Meaningful T-shirt: $2.99

Turn my head THIS way.

Turn my head THAT way.

Cut the neck out so my gold "CRYSTAL" necklace would be visible.  Wanted to be clear on WHO EXACTLY is All-Righta Ore Ida.

It's ME.  In case there was any confusion.  You're All-Righta Ore Ida too even though you don't own this amazingly fab and meaningful T-shirt.

I think I'm gonna take scissors to the sleeves and make this a cap sleeve Tee.  ? Hmmm.  Decisions. Decisions...

What are YOUR thoughts on this very important decision?

SAVERS  is kinda smelly and stinky inside.  I sorta like it.  Gives me street cred, yo.  Fancy, schmancy, squirmy, wormy people can't hang at Savers. 

But I CAN!  Cuz I'm  All-RightA Ore Ida!

Did you know Kate Moss shops at thrift stores for vintage and unique stuff? s'True.

PS  I USED to spend $75 on Tee-shirts.  And they weren't even meaningful with a self-esteem boosting message!  Can you imagine?!