Saturday, June 19, 2010

AZ VS FEDS: 2 Wrongs Don't Make Right

Before this horrid recession and market crash I was a rich lil housewife.

I had me a nanny and house keepers so as not to ruin my manicure or wrinkle my silk Audrey Hepburn style dresses or $75 Tee-shirts.

One day my super sweet nanny, Angelica, took my kids to the park. It was a 5 minute walk from the house.

At the park there was a pervert that kept leering at Angelica and my children. 20 year old Angelica had a cell phone. But she was afraid to call the police.

Angelica was an illegal alien. She was terrified the police would send her back to Mexico. She needed her job. She gave the vast majority of her income to her parents for rent and food.

When she finally made it home that day she shook like a leaf and cried for hours.


My mother was born in Mexico and had to go through hell and high water to cut through all the red tape necessary to live in The United States LEGALLY with her family.

My mother became a legal citizen of this country and even served in the US military for 7 years.

It pisses her off when Mexicans come to this country expecting a handout while Americans work their colas off to pay insanely high taxes courtesy of the Obama Administration.


I’m just a lil ol’ housewife with a small brain. I‘m just not sure WHAT is going on! (I HATE the term HOUSEWIFE. It implies I belong to a house and a husband. There is no individual worth to be found in the word. Ick.) Like I said, I’m a housewife with very few opinions about serious things.

OOOOO I bought this dress at Buffalo Exchange for only $13! Can you BELIEVE it? I can hardly sit still I’m so excited!

My pea brain barely realizes the implications of illegals in the US. I see high, drug related crime at the borders of my home state of Arizona. Schools are over-crowded and my little white kids are getting sub par educations because our state spends a great deal of money on English as a second language classes and programs.

But my silly goose head also is attached to my bleeding heart and knows there are children here in The States benefiting from an education and health care they would not have in their wildest dreams in Mexico.

Does it seem mean spirited to anyone but me that a little one would be ripped from his life and friends because his parents misrepresented themselves?

Cops are going to be trained for TWO HOURS regarding the questioning of suspicious brown people. TWO HOURS?! My nightly BUBBLE BATH lasts longer than two hours! I don’t like it. I HATE that part! (Not the bath, of course, I meant the questioning of brown peeps after a two hour training..)

The thought of some PRICK cop questioning Angelica harshly as her eyes fill with tears makes me want to kick his chins with my boots. I know Mr. Police Man is only doing his job. I support the men who protect our society!

But cops are normal people with good intentions and superiority complexes. Remember Rodney King? Need I say more? Anything can happen and MAY.

Whatever. I just broke a NAIL! Ugh! How much does THAT suck!

So now the Feds are SUEING AZ because of our immigration laws.

AZ state representative, John Kavanagh, calls it political gamesmanship. Maybe so.

Obama calls the laws “misguided”. Mr. President, you are right. The laws ARE misguided. Your slow efforts to rectify the massive oil spill is also misguided. You DO realize as you spend precious time securing law suits against BP our planet is being ravaged daily? We are ALL misguided.

Mark my words folks. Something awful will come of this. There will be racial profiling and the world will be watching. I hope I get to be on TV too. I’ll be like, “I TOLD YA SO!!! HI MOM!”

As a citizen of Arizona, the United States and THE WORLD I see both sides.  Both sides are WRONG.

I’d like to require each person crossing into our country to PINKY SWEAR with me that they are indeed good folks who will not bring more drugs and crime into our country. And if they do bring drugs will they please bring me some Mexican Ambien because my prescription is expensive and I’ve been out for a while and I could use a good night’s sleep.

I’d say, “Pretty please with sugar on top, don’t be a liar and a cheater and a thief and a free loader.”

To which they would respond by saying, “Ay mamacita! Que Buena estas!”

Good enough for me.

As in Eternity and Life this is an issue of Mercy VS Justice.

What do YOU think? Where do YOU stand? How would YOU do it differently?

I purposely have not made a stance here. I just wanna buy everyone a puppy. I see a lot of upset people. I see selfishness, pride, anger, hate, racism, lack of respect and a lack of responsibility. I puppy would take their minds off such things. Cleaning puppy poop is all-encompassing.

Let’s just take a deep breath and be nice to each other, shall we?

“People are people so why should it be that we should get along so awfully…?”

Better get back to broomin’ and scrubbin. Nothing in my noggin…