Friday, June 25, 2010

An Inconvenient Truth? Al and Condoms.

Is Al Gore a dirty dog? 

He may or may not have sexually assaulted a 54 year old massage therapist.

Apparently she kept his pants as proof.   Tricky.  She allegedly tried to sell the story to The National Enquirer for a million bucks.

There is no REAL evidence... yet... to prove he is guilty.  Sucks for Al!  He is just not NEARLY so smooth as our former Pres, Bill Clinton

Bill admitted to 100's of affairs.  Bill never had to assault a SOUL!  They flocked to that man in droves wearing black berets and baring expensive cuban cigars.

What do you think? Is Al Guilty?

Did you know the National Enquirer is nominated to win a PULITZER for cracking the John Edwards case?  Unbelieveable when a Pulitzer is awarded to a tabloid mag because our politicians can't seem to keep their pants ON!

In other news, condoms are being distributed to children in elementary schools!!


Kids have to go to the nurse's office in order to procure a CONDOM

In the nurse's office they will be given counsel.  They will be counseled without parental knowledge!  It's outrageous.

The idiocy here astounds me!

When I was a kid the nurse barely gave me a band-aide when I skinned my knee.  And she NEVER gave me asprin or any kind of medicine so as not to incur a possible liability to the proud public school system.

NOW, however, when kids skin their knees they can go to the nurse and get not a only a band-aide but also A RIBBED, BANANA SHAPED WATER BALLOON!

These kids are pretty darn lucky! 

I'm fully disgusted.

Someone should have counseled John Edwards on the proper use of a prophylactic. 

As I see it, our society doesn't know it's ass from it's elbow.