Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Poor Little Rich Girl (Nanny)

I had a nanny. And I had cleaning ladies.  And I didn't work a JOB!

I'm ashamed to say it out loud so I will whisper...  I had a nanny for 6 months. shhhhhhhh.....

I had my tonsils scraped out of my throat shortly after giving birth to Maya.  I was super duper sick.  I needed help.

It just so happened my sister had a live-in nanny.  Rocio.  Rocio had a sis named Angelica.

Yes.  These girls are Mexican.  SOME PEOPLE  might say I'm racist because I hired Mexican girls to work for me.  But SOME PEOPLE need to pull the stick out of their colitas and not perpetuate the stereotypes.  :)

So Here I was.  A rich little rich girl in a huge huge custom house with my throat ripped out of my throat and a 3 months old baby.  Hell.

Enter:  Angelica.  I was soooo happy to have her!  She cooked and cleaned and loved my babies.  And she didn't speak any English which I thought was wonderful!  I spoke Spanish to her and together we taught the little ones to say "Por Favor", "Leche" and "Jugo".

My throat healed up just fine.  But I was afflicted with another malady.  I was afflicted with accute SELFISHNESS! 

Slowly but surely I allowed Angelica to take over everything.  I suddenly found painting my nails and reading magazines a God-given RIGHT!  I NEEDED that time to myself to regroup, you see.

Regroup for what, you might ask?  Well I needed to look top-notch in order to saunter around the mall in my red Valentino bag and stilletos.

When I returned with enormous shopping bags full of STUFF I kissed my babies and tucked them in bed.

I WAS PLUMB TUCKERED OUT!  Whew!  What a day!

I became lazier and lazier.

Angelica seemed to prefer having me out of way and I convinced myself I deserved a good long break from mommyhood.

This went on for several months until one fine day my little Maya fell down and skinned her tiny knee.  I ran to her to kiss the owie away.  She reached for Angelica.


My baby had desired another woman to comfort her during a time of duress.  IT BROKE MY HEART!

I was sorry to dismiss Angelica.  We had become friends, but I knew I had been wrong.

An abundance of mulah can make a person do all kinds of stupid things.  I became blinded by green and greed.  I thought I could throw money at a care-giver and still expect the same amount of attatchment and affection from my lil one.  WRONG!  The woman who changes the poopy diapers is the one who will benefit from chubby armed hugs and slobbery kisses.

Motherhood is the most important calling I've been given in this life.  I would sacrifice ANYTHING for my little ones.  It seems I was lost for a time.

Things are now Crystal Clear!

My child will NEVER run to another woman for comfort again as long as I am alive.

I was selfish.  I was thoughtless.  I was frivolous.  LIVE AND LEARN!

Sigh... Poor Little Rich Girl...