Sunday, April 18, 2010


"You look like an Easter Egg," laughed my mother today at church.

I laughed too.  "Thank you."

I turned to Dad.  "Daddy, do I look like an Easter Egg?"

"Uhhhm... not really...".

I busted a gut!  NOT REALLY?

"Not really, Dad?  Not REALLY?"  I laughed.

"Well... I wasn't sure if you WANTED to look like an Easter Egg for church today."

BADABING BADABOOM!  Funny man, strikes again! :)

I wore this very colorful outfit because Bella awoke and said, "Hey, Mama?  Can we be twinners today?"

TWINNERS?!  TWINNERS?!  I Love TWINNERS!  It'll bum me out when my kids no longer want to be twinners with me.  So I found the appropriate garb and wore it for my Lovey Dovey Bella Boo.

Guess what's funny?

When women are like, "OMG!  She wore the EXACT same outfit I was wearing!  I wanted to die!"

DIE?!  You wanted to DIE because some other chick was sporting your skirt at the same time?  Huh.




That's my new thing.  I am trying to question WHY regarding all the weirdo stuff we do to each other and ourselves psychologically.  It's a mind mess, ain't it?!  I'm curious as to WHY wearing the same clothes as another adult is so unthinkable.

What does it say about the individual who would lose sleep over a matching cardigan?

Why did people allow the emperor to roam about town in the nude?  Why was a humble child the only individual who could state the obvious, honest truth?  WHY?

Any ideas?  Why does it matter so much?

I'm not gonna answer the question.  Tonight I'll just ponder it.  You ponder it too, K?  In the morning something will come to us...

When I was a little girl I thought dressing like twinners with MY SISTER  was THE COOLEST! (That link is my fave post by far, btw.)

In my mind I felt badly for all the other little girls who were not wearing handmade dresses with jingle bells sewn in the skirts.  All the OTHER girls had skirts they bought somewhere and those skirts never made a PEEP!  But Coral and I would skip around in the dresses made by my Mother and we would relish the magical sound of the bell. JINGLE ALLL THE WAY!

 At one point a teacher became irritated with all the jingling.  She told me to put my toy away.  I smugly responded,  "I can't. IT'S SEWN IN!"  Then I'd swish my way past her to demonstrate my lack of control regarding the smothering of  the jovial ringing.

Now I have neither sister nor friend that will dress like twinners with me. (SYDNI is the only person I can think of that will dress up with me, for which I am eternally grateful.)

I'm so glad I still have little ones.  I will be sad sad sad when they grow up and realize how immature I am.  I will be sad when I suggest "TWINNERS?" and they respond with,  "You have GOT to be kidding!"

But for now...  TWINNERS IT IS!!!!