Thursday, January 14, 2010




I should go to bed.  It's 3:17am.  But I simply cannot sleep until I confess my sin.  It's a doozy.  (I took this pic tonight but I'm too upset to discuss it.  More tomorrow...)

Here we go. (Deep breath)  I just can't keep secrets from you!  I mean, you totally LOVE me!  Or you at least really like me... OR you're just curious what else I'm gonna come up with...  whatever the reason you read this I must be honest with you.

I'm just going to say this fast.  Tear off the band aid quick...  IWASCARDANCINGANDIKILLEDAWILDPIG!!!!!!

Did you get that? 

Sydni and I drove to Phoenix to get our hair did tonight.  (I'll give you a full report tomorrow when I've fully recovered from the shock...It's highly entertaining, I assure you. Took lots of great pics of MEEEE which I will post on Myspace and FB in a minute... check me out.)

On the way back I thought it would be brilliant to car dance and have Sydni video me being ridiculous.  There were no cars whatever on the freeway. But when I least expected it a HUGE javalina was right in front of me and BLAM!!!! GAME OVER!!!! Bump bump. Gone.

I totally cried.  (Ok... I didn't actually cry because I'm all cried out lately but I kinda whimpered...)

I was like, "oh no!  I'm so sorry I killed you because I was car dancing!  I'm so sorry!"

I kept saying I was sorry to the dead pig. I turned the car around to make sure it was dead.  Horrible to see the results of my carelessness.

Then I said, "Sydni, this is our little secret.  I will feel sooooo bad if anyone finds out about this!!!

That's all I have to say tonight.  I hope you still love me after this.  (Or at least like me or at least are curious about what I might say next because not even the angels in heaven know what's gonna come outta my mouth next.  Your guess is as good as mine.)

Enjoy the video.  I have blood on my hands.  And now... so do you.

BTW, I DO NOT THINK THIS IS FUNNY BUT IF I DON'T LAUGH I'LL CRY.  I felt really reallt bad and awful and I still do... Don't car dance and drive.