Sunday, January 17, 2010


So earlier this week I was in my bathroom blow drying my hair.   And my sister, Coral, was sitting at the edge of my tub and we were talking.  We talked about Love, heartbreak and pain.

My 6 year old son comes in and says, "Hey Mama, I need you to take me to the park right now."

"Honey, I'm not ready to go to the park right now.  Maybe later,"  I reply.

"But I'm bored!" said T-bone.

"Well. You have a room full of toys.  Go play with some."

"But Mama!  Everything I want to play involves making a mess!"

I was overjoyed he used the word 'involves'.  My children are quite articulate and it makes my heart soar.  I love words.

When he said "everything I want to play involves making a mess"  I was also thinking about my convo with lil sis.  A deep thought came to mind.

"This life is all about making messes and cleaning them up, my love.  Go play with your army men and put them away when you're done.  I love you!"

"I love you too, Mama."

Coral said, "Wow.  That was really poignant.  It's so true!  Life IS about making messes and cleaning them up!  You're quick.  Are you EVER going to put clothes on?"

Are you impressed with my pearls of wisdom?  I'm not gonna lie.  I'm pretty impressed with MYSELF.:)

Life is messy.  We all make messes.  We are all trying to figure out this game of life.   We are all trying to figure out what makes us truly happy.  We are all trying to figure out what we want.

What do YOU want?

I made a mess when I was car dancing and killed an enormous javalina.  I made a mess on the road and I made a mess of my car.  Here is the dent to prove it.  Guess what though?  It's ok.  It's just a car.  And this little piggy has gone to a better place. 

I made a mess when I finally took down the Christmas stuff today. Pine needles flew in my eyes and down my shirt.  Very pokey!

I found this doll with a bra on.  That's a mess.

Messes are a necessary part of life.  Sometimes you gotta break a few eggs if you want to make an omlet.

The WORST thing we can do in life is give up.  Some messes are worth making.  Some messes teach us who we are.  Some messes are not messes at all.

Despite all of my mess making, I still feel I have the right to say, "Take a chance on me...".