Friday, April 30, 2010



Been thinkin' about ya today!

I woke up this morning and EVERY major muscle group in my body was SORE.  I lay in my bed and stretched and LOVED how my entire self ACHED.  Sore lats.  Sore abs.  Sore glutes.   AHHHHHHHH! YESSSSS!

I worked HARD this week.  I've taken out all my aggression on the weights at the gym. (It's SO much healthier than killing the people I love...)

I GOT MAD!  I GOT SORE!  I screamed internally at those weights.  "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER MEEEEE!"  (That's my favorite line from the movie Labrynth.  Love.)

And when they got heavy I screamed internally at MYSELF!  "YOU ARE NOT WEAK!  YOU GOT THIS, BABY! YOU GOT THIS!" And I did.

There were days this week when I woke up and thought, "Ugh.  I am SO not working out today!  I'm beat!"

Then I had a convo with myself.  I said, "Girl, you NEED this!  You will feel so much better!  It will make you HAPPY!"

And it HAS!  I'm super duper happy today.  I'm typing this in a sweaty tank and stinky running shoes.  (I just did cardio today).  I feel strong.  I feel beautiful.  I feel unstoppable. 

I want that for YOU!

So I"ll make this short for you today.  GET UP!  GET MAD! GET SORE!

P.S.  LAY OFF THE FRIED CHICKEN THIS WEEKEND!  (Unless of course you WANT to wear it...)

Btw, thanks for readin'.  Makes me feel LOVED! :)