Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Mind is A Strange Place to Live

"Do you have two husbands?"

"No, honey, just Maya's daddy."

"I dreamed you had two husbands last night.  I saw him."

I had this convo with a 5 year old Mexican girl quite recently.  I kept assuring her I was only married to one man and she continued to insist she "saw him".

It freaked me out!

Reverse polygamy?

The only man I've kissed for the last 13 years is Mr. Pistol so why the cuss would this freak me out?!

And why would Maya's little friend be dreaming about ME?!

Here's another one.

My mom recently dreamed a tall white guy and a shorter black guy came to her door looking for me.  She had the feeling they wanted to kill me.


Today I napped and dreamed I was on a battered old boat and I jumped overboard into Tiger shark infested waters.  I was totally cool with the sharks even though they wanted to eat me face off.


What strange dreams have YOU had?  What could they MEAN!?

As it stands I'm waiting for my second husband to murder me with his black BFF and throw my body in shark infested waters.

I'm pretty superstitious.

It's jarring when people dream about me. 

The vast subconscious is a strange place. 

Frued believed the subconscious is a collection of EVERYTHING the mind has ever seen, smelled, heard or touched.  Once you've experienced something you can't get rid of it.... EVER!

The last time you heard my voice or saw my face will ALWAYS be stuck somewhere in your head.  And vice versa!  Crazy, huh?

For example, the crap I'm writing here will NEVER leave your subconscious mind!  Whatever I type will be etched into your memory FOREVER! And then you may dream about it later.  I have a great deal of power here! 

When the moon is full I love to wear red lipstick and howl.

The image I just painted in your mind of me howling at the moon will be there FOEVER AND EVER AND EVER.  

I suppose that's why pornography is so toxic, huh?  Once you take that crap in you can never get it gone.  Some people are addicted to porn!  How much would that suck?!  Once they decide to quit being pigs they're kinda trapped by their own minds, aren't they?  I mean, drug addicts can physically remove themselves from their addiction, but recovering porn addicts must fight THEMSELVES constantly!  Bum deal.

So that's all I have to say for the moment.  The mind is a strange place to live, isn't it?  I'm just sayin'.