Monday, March 1, 2010

Mi Casa es su Casa

We have accepted an offer on my fabulous house.  We are moving in three weeks to a nice, smaller place.  I have no major complaints.  I just wanna tell you about My House.

This house has a soul.  We have offered thousands of prayers in This house and hosted countless parties.  My children have laughed and cried for 5 years in this house.  Maya has never lived anywhere else.

My whole life long I watched my mother give major service to those around her.  I always longed to emulate that quality.  In My House I grew.  I became a better person than I once was.  I became more selfless and more giving.

My house has had an open door policy.  Our friends know they can come and go and often be fed in the process.

One day a friend of mine called me in tears, "I have cancer!" she said.  "I have no one to care for me.  I'm so sick.  I don't know what to do."

"I'll come get you. I have an extra room and bathroom available..  I'll take care of you, Lisa."

More tears.

Lisa went through chemo in my my house I cared for her and stayed up late at night talking to her about her fears and heartaches.  I held her hair as she vomited and I collected the vast amount of hair she lost from the bathroom floor.  She stayed for months.  I was happy to have her.

Shortly after Lisa moved, my friend (we'll call her Sarah), told me she had major surgery planned and had no place to recover.

"I'll take care of you!"  I said "I'd love to!  It'll be FUN!"

The surgeries she fell victim to were cosmetic.  Tummy tuck and Breast lift and Implants.  She was trying to salvage what she had left of her body pre-children, you see.

She stood before me naked several times a day so I could clean the wounds.  She looked like beautiful, Barbie Frankenstein.  I also held her hair back as she vomited.  (I'd got good at it.)

As Sarah recovered in the back room, my front rooms were filled with guests for the church Christmas social.  I was showered in compliments over the food and the beauty of my home and the beauty of... well...ME.  I felt so important that night.

My House also made it possible for us to invite my husband's sister to live with us.  She stayed for over two, fabulous years.  I love we were able to establish a closeness that only comes of communal living.  Darci truly became my sister and second mother to my children and I miss her terribly.

Shortly after she left, my husband's brother and his wife moved in.  We have had a blast!  Having Sydi in the house is amazing!  We share clothes and shoes and gossip and tears.  I love her to death.

In This House I have had the blessing of becoming what I always wanted to be.  I've helped those in need in a very benficial way.  I've always wanted my home to be central to extended family.  Everyone knows they are welcome here.  Often there are random children and dogs sprawled across the floor in sleeping bags.  I LOVE it!

I'll admit I've become attached to this beautiful custom house.  My husband designed and built it expressly for our family.  Leaving hurts my heart.  I've shed a few tears at the thought of packing up.

I'm trying to remind myself this chapter of life is coming to a close.  I have progressed and grown and it's time to move forward!

(I realize I'm an enormous brat! :)