Thursday, February 25, 2010

Old Tucson Studios

Have you ever seen The Three Amigos?  If not you MUST stop what you are doing post haste and rent that flick.  One of my all-time FAVES!

Here are two quotes for ya:

El Guapo:  Are gringos falling from the sky?
(A gringo falls from the sky.)
Jefe:  Yes, El Guapo.

Rosita:  Later tonight I would like it if you kissed me on the veranda.
An amigo:  Lips will be fine.


The Three Amigos was filmed at Old Tucson Studios.  I took my kids there today.  We all dressed up like cowboys.  (None of the other patrons do that, btw.)

I LOVE cowboy hats.  I love COWBOYS.  When I see a man in a cowboy hat and boots I get SILLY.

I want him to be like, "Howdy Ma'am...  sure is a nice day out...". 

Or if it's a Mexican cowboy, "Ay MAMACITA!"

Then I'd be like, "GAAAAAHHHHHHH....." and I'd drool all over myself and grin stupidly.

My husband knows I'm a fool for a cowboy.  He keeps a cowboy hat in the closet for emergencies. 

I also LOVE the smell of horse crap.  I'm not kidding.  Earthy.  Clean.  Mmmmm.  Deep breath. Ahhhhh. (It's like that.)

If I encountered a real cowboy that smelled like horse crap I'd have a hard time keepin' cool.

Old Tucson Studios had a bunch of dorky actors dressed up in cowboy gear.  But the smell of horse dooky was strong so I wasn't completely disappointed.

My kids enjoyed watching the dorky actors (who also happen to be talented stunt men) fall off buildings and play at gunfighting.

They also enjoyed killing each other in public.

Bella stole Tyson's hat.  As you can see, Tyson was livid.

"Just because you didn't have the cowboy spirit today doesn't mean you can take my hat!"  He proceeded to attack her. 

He then thougth it wise to hang from of this prop which is not meant for kids to hang on.

Serena tried to push him out of the way so she too could partake of the forbidden fruit.  "My turn," she said.  He proceeded to attack her.

After T pummeled his sisters for disrespecting him, I rewarded them all with ice cream treats and soda. 

30 seconds after this picture was taken a bumble bee landed on Maya's arm.  She stood from her tiny bench, screamed and threw her drink at me.  It exploded on my boots. She continued to scream and run around in circles as it chased her.

Then a bee began to buzz around Tyson who happened to be sipping a rootbeer flavored slushy.  He too screamed, threw his drink and began running in circles.

I laughed until I cried.  Have I mentioned that crying is sexy?  It is.

(This is my you'd-better-knock-it-off-with-that-diva-attitude-Serena Face.  Sheer irritation.)