Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My bella Bella

"Ok... so Mama.. you need to wear your gray scrunchy uggs, black leggings, your fake red glasses, a red hairband and your purple flannel...," said Bella.  "We're gonna be funky twinners."

"Oh.  I was gonna wear something else but ok.  What are we gonna do on our date?"

"I wanna see the Lightening Thief at the Oro Valley Theatre and then go to Sydni's work and surprise her!  Can we go to the mall after that?"


Bella is my gypsy soul.  Bella is an artist.  She makes me laugh with a sense of humor that is far above her age level.  She doesn't care for boys yet.  Instead she like books, history and art.  LOVE THAT!

A few months ago I said, "Honey, money doesn't grow on trees!"

The next thing I knew she had cut a branch from a tree in our yard and taped dollar bills and quarters to the limbs.

"I guess you CAN find money on a tree, Mama!"


Bella is generous.

The girl is forever giving away her favorite toys and clothes to her friends.  What 9 year old DOES THAT?!

Bella is my only brown child.

Today she said, "Mom, the tooth fairy has forgotten about my teeth the last FOUR times in a row!  Don't forget to tell her I lost another tooth!"

Tyson said, "It's 'cause you're BROWN, Bella.  Our tooth fairy is a racist."

HAHAHAHAHAHA!  She is SOOOO proud that she is my brown baby.  I'm proud of her too.

My husband would have disapproved but after dinner I let her make a chocolate cake "castle" with her bare hands.   (We were very discreet and cleaned up our mess.)  I always love to see what she'll come up with!