Sunday, February 21, 2010

Book Review

If you read Everyone Poops to your child you MUST stop.  Stop it RIGHT NOW!  No disrespect to the author but that is the NASTIEST children's book I've ever come across.  So.. yeah... I guess I don't have a lot of respect for the author.

I took Maya to the used book store.  I sold away my entire Stephenie Meyer Twighlight series.

I'm so SICK of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan the Sullen I could seriously jump off a cliff... Ok.. fine.. I'll be honest... I'm super jealous Stephanie and I both went to BYU and are both Mormon mommies and SHE is making millions and I'm sitting on the floor with my laptop eating Oreos.  (Granted, I have spent the last decade mating and procreating like a bunny rabbit rather than writing... but STILL...)   I bought all five of her hardback books and devoured them each in day.  I refuse to line her pockets with my money any longer! YOU HEAR THAT, MEYER?!  WE'RE THROUGH!

After I sold my books Maya and I made our way to the children's section of Bookman's.  I picked out these classic stories to read.  Maya wouldn't have it.

Instead she chose THIS disgusting selection.

I tried to be open minded and read it to her.  I got through 2 and a half pages.  I threw up my hands and said, "I can't DO this!  I just CAN'T.  Maya, we are LADIES!  I'm NOT reading another page of Everyone Poops!  Not ONE more page! I feel sick to my stomach." 

I think I scared her with the intensity of my speech.  I scared myself a little.  I rarely use my parental power of veto but this was just too much.  She made a less offensive selection.

Next I chose a book for myself.  have a little faith by Mitch Albom.  True story.  LOVE. I underlined something on almost every page.  I highly recommend.

2 quotes I ADORED:

1.  A minister who use to be a drug dealer, adulterer, thief, liar, gangster etc says to his congregation, "You are not your past."

2. The very last line of the epilogue is, "I am in love with hope."  Me too, Mr. Albom.  Well said.  Sometimes hope is all we really have.