Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fat Al

Random memory:

Al was the big fat bully in 2nd grade.  He was very brown and very big and very angry and very always in trouble with the teachers.

I was a scrawny little book nerd.

One day at recess we all played boys chase the girls.  I always enjoyed that game. (Up until I got married, of course.)

Al decided to chase me.  I was a fast nerd but still he caught me.  I realized Al had a lot of aggression when he put both of his hands around my throat and began to squeeze.  He choked me hard.  I fell to my knees for lack of oxygen.  When I thought I'd pass out he laughed, let go and ran away.

I lay in the grass just long enough to register what had happened.  Rage filled my entire body.  I shook with the rage.  My logical mind shut down.  Before I knew what was happening I was running at lightening speed toward my attacker.  I flew at Fat Al from behind.  He went down.  He managed to flip onto his back which was perfect for my intentions.  I pounded on his thick, brown face with my fists until they were slippery with the blood.  I screamed a lot of words at him.  I don't remember what they were exactly but I began with, "DON'T YOU EVER...".

Al was made a laughing stock.  He was pummeled by Crystal the Scrawny Straight A Book Nerd.  I guess I've always been a pistol. ;)

I really prefer to be a lover and not a fighter. 

I thought of Al tonight because he represents all the trials and struggles in life we don't expect.  We are just playing at life, thinking everything is cool when suddenly an unexpected fat little fist chokes our necks unexpectedly.  I suppose the point of life is not to let these trials beat us down.  And if we do happen to fall it's our duty to get right back up and fight.  Fight for our happiness.  Fight for our God given right to breathe. 

So to all the trials in life that bring us to our knees I say:  Mama said knock you out!