Friday, February 19, 2010


"I have a strange request," said the woman at my front door.

She was in her 70s and accompanied by her husband.  They both stood next to fancy looking bicycles and they were all decked out in bright orange spandex and matching helmets.

"Ok?"  I said.

"There is a boy's bike leaning on the side of your house.  We were wondering if we might rent it from you for a few days.  Our 6 year old nephew is coming to visit.  We'd like to ride bikes together."

My son had not touched the bike in months so I said, "Sure!  No problem!  Go ahead and take it.  Just bring it back when you're done."

"Well we'd like to pay you for your trouble."

"Oh!  Don't be silly!  I'm happy to help.  Be my guest."

"Do you want our phone number or information?"

"Nah," I said.  "You look trust worthy. Just bring it back when you're done."

They were shocked.  They shouldn't have been.  That's how I do.  They took the bike.

I felt pretty good about helping the elderly.  I was in a good mood when I picked up the kids from school.

Immediately Tyson got in the car and said, "I can't WAIT to ride my bike today!  Daddy said he'd fix the flat tire."

Uh oh.

I gently explained what I had done.  My explanation was met with sobbing and ranting.

"I can't believe you gave my bike to some OLD MAN!  You don't even KNOW that OLD MAN!  I want my bike back NOW!"

"But honey, don't you feel good that you are sharing with a little boy who doesn't have a bike?"  I said.

"NO!  He should get his OWN stinkin' bike!  Not take MINE!"

"But sweethart, Don't you think Jesus would share his bike?"  I said.

"Jesus didn't even HAVE a bike!  AND I'M NOT JESUS!"

He really burst into tears after his 'I'm not Jesus' speech.  I know it was low of me to try to compare him to the only perfect being that ever walked the Earth when he was so upset.  I panicked, ya know?  I hate when my kids aren't happy.

"Ok buddy, I'm sorry.  I didn't know you would be so upset.  Tomorrow I'll take you on a special date and we'll do whatever you want."

The tears stopped.  "Whatever I want?"  he sniffed.

What he wanted was a pair of skates from Target.  Then he had me take him to the park so I could watch him fall down repeatedly.  I laughed my head off.  Today was Fun!