Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I've never done this before!  I'm uber excited to give something away.  Makes me feel important!

I'm gifting you with a sweet handmade headband.  Here's a link to the website. http://rubylovefashions.com/  check it out.

This was my girlfriend, Tara's idea.  She sells them too.  Here's her number  #1-602-373-9682.  Hook it up!  They come in tons of colors.  I've got white, red and teal.  Super cute!

K.  So these headbands are barely starting tro emerge and only those of us with confidence and mad fashion sense can pull them off.

I have it on good authority that Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie TOTALLY dig this look!

How do you win one?  I'll tell ya!  Leave a comment on my blog and I'll pick someone.  Entertain me!  Don't be shy!  If Cheveux headbands are not for you I'm sure you could think of someone who would LOVE one!

I adore these!  The other day I rolled out of bed and was like, "ugh!  I am SO not doing my hair!  So I grabbed a headband and wrapped it around my bed head and I was out the door.  With an enormous pair of black shades I have to admit I looked supa fly!

Depending on what you wear with them you can go from a funky hip hop look to laid back bohemian.  Totally versatile.

This is the the one I'm giving away.  Hot Pink. 

Alright so for the next 24 hours I'll be accepting comments. Go!