Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Famous Dave's is all the Rage

Big Poppa has been outta town this week so this lil Mama decided not to cook last night.

"I don't wanna cook, guys."  I said.  "Where do you wanna go?"

In unison they sang out, "FAMOUS DAVE'S!"

No complaints here!  I could live off of nothing but their cornbread muffins and chicken wings. MMmmmm!

Do you have kids?  Do they go absolutely bonkers after they eat at a restaurant?  Mine do.  They start out coloring and chatting politely.  By the time the check comes they are assulting each other both verbally and physically.

I did the same thing as a kid.  I use to dump salt in my sister's drink when she got up from the table.  Then I'd feign innocence, "Why don't you take a sip of your delicious drink? Hmmm?". 

My siblings and I would often get slap happy at the end of a meal out in public.  What causes this commotion?  We would laugh like baffoons at the innocent passersby and blow milk from our noses.

I have a hard time disciplining my kids.  I admit I should probably be tougher on them.  But I'm just quite mellow by nature and they're only going to get the luxury of childhood for a short time.  Why rain on their parade?

My kids LOVE them some chicken wings.

I love ME some chicken wings!!!!

I allowed them root beer as a beverage which perhaps answers my question as to why they lose their little minds by the end of the meal.

Tyson kept talking to the the people that walked by, "I like your shirt!" he'd say.  They would respond with, "Thank you!".  Then he'd continue with, "Can I have it?"

I tried to keep a straight face.  I should not allow this!  It's RUDE! But it's also really funny.  FUNNY WINS! I did put an end to it eventually.  I was worried about eviction.

Tyson began to annoy his sisters and eventually had his head shoved manually under the table.

Serena looked at me.  "Why are you just SITTING there?!  DO something!"

"Let go of Tyson's head, Bella."  I said mildly.  "And Maya don't think I can't see you throwing mini corndogs under the table."

See?  I can rule with an iron fist if necessary!  Guess why?  Cuz Crystal's a Pistol, baby!  Shoots from the hip! Bang bang!

This is where Tyson grabs Maya by the face as she attempts to shove a handful of mini-Oreos in her mouth.  I would have said something but it's important to pick your battles.