Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baby Blessing and Fish Nets

This is my Aunt Leticia.  We are super close.  I love her SOOOOO much.  We've had a
pretty tight bond since we lived in Germany together when I was 3.

Letty endured a terrible trajedy.  Her 3 year old little boy, Moses, was killed in an accident many years ago.  I remember him as a precocious blonde baby in overalls.  The last time I saw him he ran to me a gave me a huge hug, wrapping his chubby arms around my boney knees.  Today would have been his birthday.

The baby she holds is her brand new granddaughter, Evita.  (I LOVE that name.)  Evita was blessed today by my cousin David.  David was Moses' best friend.  He saw the entire accident first hand.

The blessing he bestowed upon her was beauitful.  He blessed her with health and happiness.  He blessed her righteousness and strength.  He blessed her that she might find the love of her life and be with him for eternity.  He blessed her little limbs and organs that they might function properly throughout her life.  That she might walk and not be weary.

Today was emotional for the Duarte family.

But of course after every serious moment we crazy Mexicans must follow it up with lots of food and music.  Party at Letty's!

All the little boys ages 6 and under were entranced by my fish net tights.  I was totally crackin' up!  They just ran their tiny hands up and down my legs.  Then they would leave and bring a friend to do the same.

"OOoooo  leg.... bumpy".  And, "It's like you're caught in a fishing net."

I just sat there and let them do their thing.

Then my crazy cuz Aaron stole my camera when I wasn't looking and took a pic of himself which can ONLY mean he wants to be featured on my blog.  There ya go, Bro! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!