Sunday, January 3, 2010


I've been at the keyboard for hours tonight.  it usually puts me in a good mood.  not tonight. this pic was taken on a cruise i took recently.  there was a lot of old folks on the cruise. the highlight of that trip were the chicken wings i ate every night.  pretty exciting stuff.  snore.

can't sleep. can't sleep.  can't sleep. it's probably because i'm a highly evolved and creative. yeah. right.  im also in a foul mood.

 i took a bubble bath w a scowl.  then i painted my nails.  i hate the color i chose. gold glitter.  ew. i prefer black. or blood red.  or deep, dark purple.  too irritated to redo though.

i hate everything tonight.  why cant i have what i want? all the time?  is that too much to ask?!  sometimes i ask the universe for stuff and then i feel like it might happen for me.  like i might be thrown a bone.  but then... nope. im ignored.

This is a rare occurance.  grumpy grumpy grumpy grrr.  thats all i have to say.