Saturday, January 2, 2010

Advice for the New Decade

*    Be Brave.  Take a chance.

*     Dance in your bare feet everyday. 

*     Love Hard.

*     Comment on My Blog.

*     Buy Less Crap

*     Eat more CARBS.  (I mean, I won't because then I'll get fat...!  But YOU totally SHOULD!  Mmmmmm... bread.)

*     Pick on someone smaller than you.

*     Contact someone who loves you.
       (Grandma?  Mom?  That weird old guy at the gym that wears shiney spandex and says, "love ya, darlin'."... on second thought... maybe you shouldn't encourage that...)

*     Don't go on a diet!  (Sheesh!  It'll never take!)

*     Think positively.  (Like if you decide to go on a diet...)

*     Accept who you are.

*     Whatever you do... DON'T accept who you are!  EVOLVE.

*      Take more pictures of yourself  and post them on your blog.

*     Learn something new everyday.

*     Don't be so selfish. (The world does not revolve around you.)

*     Be more selfish.  (It's wonderful for the skin.)

*     Make me laugh.  ( I could really use it.)