Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Gloves Are Off!

Have you ever loved something SOOOOOO much that you imagined it loved you back?  That's how I feel about GLOVES! 

I wore these gloves all day today.  Funky.  I cooked dinner with these gloves on.  I went to the grocery store with these gloves on.  I went to the park with the gloves on.  I rocked them all over town.

I just keep this look on my face that says, "yeah.  so?  I've got super hot  gloves on.  so?"  I get a little bit of an attitude. 

All gloves come with a different vibe.  Some gloves are sweet and demure.  Others are sassy.  Some are downright Trashy.  These gloves make me feel like I can take on the world.  I love how these gloves are tough but have a big bow on the wrist.  They say, "I'm a lady but if you push me too far I WILL take you down!" 

The thought of picking a fist fight in the Wal*Mart parking lot appeals to me today.  BRING IT ON!

I dig how these gloves are missing the tips of the fingas.  I messed with my keyboard with these on and I'm not gonna lie... I looked REALLY COOL.

I don't have anything of import to say tonight.  Everything is pretty chill and cool and great so I'm just gonna talk about gloves.

I like purple nail polish.  It's purple-y.  When I look at my fingers I think, "Ooooo pretty color."

I thought I'd also showcase my red gloves.  Red is my favorite color so I REALLY love these gloves.  (I'm pretty sure they love me back...because Red is far more passionate than Black.)  :)

I'm gonna go take a bubble bath and eat Oreos now.

PS  I just noticed someone needs to wipe down the mirror and it ain't gonna be ME! (well actually it IS gonna be me... but i ain't doin it TONIGHT!... well actually, i probably will... cause it'll just bug me if i don't...)