Saturday, January 9, 2010

Individual Worth


Do you know your worth?  It can't be measured and terms of cash or phsysical wealth.  Individual Worth is very real.  It inspires us to accept that we are Fresh to Def, baybay! It is who we are deep down.  The positive attributes divinely given to all.  We all have divine gifts but it is up to us to wear those gifts with pride.  To allow ourselves confidence for CONFIDENCE IS EVERYTHING!

I'm so secure in the knowledge of my worth I don't mind making a video of myself being licked to death by an enormous Rocky.  (Rocky is my 5th child.  When I look into his big brown eyes I see that he is actually quite human...)  The knowledge of my worth draws people toward me and inspires them to achieve.  I must say I like it.

I have a superiority complex.  I tend to gravitate toward people who also enjoy warming rays of a Superioriy Complex.  I enjoy people who are not needy.  When I enjoy the company of a secure person I can say, "alright!  Enough about me.  Let's talk about YOU! What do you think about ME?

I like myself quite a bit.  I'll say it right out loud.  I can cook and clean and sew all the bedding and drapes in my home.  I can sing and dance in two languages.  I'm fairly attractive. I'm fun fun fun. I'm super generous and go out of my way to serve others.  I'm a voracious reader, which means I can discuss classic lit with a quick tongue.  I'm avid fitness freak. The list goes on and on.... I've got a lot to offer...(uh...i'm not actually offering anything...I'm just sayin.)   I have a way with words.

Think about your own individual worth.  Ask yourself, what am I worth?  Don't be modest. Be honest. Cling to those gifts and own the world around you.

I'm so confident of my very high Individual Worth I enjoy posting pictures of mostly myself on this blog.  Today I thought, 'Hey if a picture is worth a thousand words what's a VIDEO worth? And who cares if I'm slightly offkey at times?  We're having fun here!

 So I made a few videos for my own entertainment.  I have invited you to join me in enjoying the random crap I recorded.  My point is this:  Confidence is EVERYTHING.  Putting up videos is quite scary (a humbling brand of nudity) at times but I'm up for the challenge.  Cause I think I'm pretty great.

I'll tell ya a secret.... you're pretty great too!!

lately my obssesion has been the Phantom of the Opera sound track.  Maya and I drive around for hours belting music from deep within our souls.  We have decided that our favorite song from Phantom is Think Of Me.

I decided to sing one verse super serious as a heart attack.  When I decided to do another verse on it's own Maya could not help but make lots noise.  She too is aware of her immense worth.  She is confident, sassy and in-control.  Not bad for a five year old.  My children will rule the world with confidence for it stems from a knowledge of their Divine gifts.

I do realize I;ve hit some sharp notes here and there.  It's cool.  We're having fun! You get the idea... :)