Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A way with words, Balla'

When I was a kid I use to play baseball in the street every night with the neighborhood kids.  I never wore shoes and I didn't own a glove.

We would yell, "CAR!"  when one was coming and move to the side of the road.  Then we'd re-assume our positions.  I LOVED baseball.  I was stinkin' fast and hit hard and the boys always wanted me on their team.  (This was BEFORE puberty so they actually wanted me on their team because I was good at BASEBALL and not some ulterior motive.  You catch my drift...).

Today I took my son to hit a few balls.  We hit balls against the fence for an hour.  Then I noticed this sign.

We continued hitting balls against the fence.

I used this as an opportunity to teach him some stuff.

I said, "Did you know words are very very important?"

He said, "I already know all the words."

I laughed, "No, Buddy, you can never know enough words."  Then I sang, "Pitcher has a rubber arm!  Pitcher has a rubber arm!"  I was pitching.  He thought it was funny.

I said, "Another way to say 'pitcher has a rubber arm' is to say 'pitcher is in-ade-quate'. Let's sing it like that now."  So we did.


In this pic he swung that bat as hard as his little arms allowed.  As you can see the ball still rests comfortably on the T.  I didn't laugh then... But I'm laughing NOW!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!

I showed him the sign that said not to throw balls at the fence.  I threw a ball at the sign. BULL'S EYE.

"Another word for fence is enclosure, my love.  Say enclosure."

I taught him lots of new words today.

 I love words.  Writing is all I've ever wanted to do.  I've had a pen in my left hand and a notebook in my right since I was eight years old.  I read the dictionary and I think the Thesaurus is the most amazing book ever! Words, words, words.

Sometimes I feel words are all I really have.  I want people to feel me, ya know?  I don't want readers to read my stuff.  I want them to FEEL it.

Stephen King has said, "Never go to the page lightly". Then he repeats himself, "Never go to the page lightly!".  I understand, Mr. King. 

When I write, I write from my soul.  It's like words bubble up from way deep down and present themselves in just the right order.  I often feel like its a gift from God when I write something that perfectly puts my soul on the page. 

My writing is only powerful when I truly FEEL what I'm writing.  My writing can only touch someone if I am being completely honest. I love that about writing!  A reader can tell if it's not genuine.  It must come from the heart to strike a chord.

Think of all the books you've read that have affected you deeply.  If you have felt power when reading you've experienced the gift of words.

Tonight I wrote a very angry e-mail to some people who have hurt me.  It was written from the heart of my feiry soul.  They iz gonna git it!

I explained all of this to T-bone.  He said,  "Uh huh.  Can we have hotdogs for dinner?"

I love these little heart to hearts.