Friday, January 29, 2010

Book Group at My Place!!!

I'm pretty wild.  I mean I don't do drugs.  I don't drink.  I don't go out and paint the town red.  BUT I DO HOST A MEAN BOOK CLUB!  Only the coolest peeps are allowed at my book group.  And by coolest peeps I mean Mormon moms with lots of kids who are dying to get out of the house.

I make it my work and my glory to make people laugh.  I totally clown on myself.  And I clown on others.  I'm loud and crazy and I like to push the envelope with my Mormon Mommy friends.  BUTT.  BOOB. And also, BOOB.  BUTT.   I also said, "I don't want to air my dirty panties for everyone to see...".  (I could have said LAUNDRY, but then nobody would have gasped in dismay and where's the fun in THAT?)   Shocking, I know.

The book I chose this month is Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.  This book was the inspiration for my blog.  If you wanna be good at something you gotta spend a lot of time doin' it.  Malcolm says 10,000 hours.  I wanna write.  I'm working on 10,000 hours.  I'll hit it when I'm 90.  It's cool.  I'm patient.

I made THE most delish fresh, hearty chicken soup on the planet.  Rave reviews.  Perfect on a cold, rainy day.

Lori makes me laugh my cola off.  She LOVES to make fun of me. JAJAJAJAJAJA!  (that's how you say hahahaha! in Spanish.)

I have had a very long, stressful, horrible day.  So I'm not in the mood to relay Lori's funny comments.  (Make me laugh when you read this, Lori.  I need you to disperage me like only you can...).  It's really too bad because Lori and I were damn funny tonight and I laughed until it hurt.  But now I've had to deal with crap I wasn;t expecting to deal with at midnight so BLAH.   (I LOVE keeping you wondering about my sucky current state of affiars... Exciting. isn't it?)

What I WILL do is show you how Lori FORCED me to pose for the camera.  She LOVES to make fun of the fact that I post soooo many pics of myself, which only makes me do it more.  I think it's hysterical.  (Ok, so Lori FORCING me to take pics is a lie.  I actually gave her the camera and said "make me do something funny".)  These pics are the result.

Oh and Lori's very cool sis-in-law, Mindy was there too.  She helped with the photo shoot.  (It was nice to meet you, Mindy! I'd love it if you came to book group regularly!)

Lori:  Ok. Pretend like you're very domestic and you're cooking something.

Lori:  Can you put your leg up on the oven?
Me:  Puh-lease!  I could put my leg up over my head!
(I don't know how sanitary this is though...)

This is where Mindy (whom I'd never met before) said, "Can you lay on the counter?"
To which I responded, "Puh-lease! I think laying on the counter is the coolest. I do it all the time when I'm just bored...".  Then Mindy started PHYSICALLY placing my legs where she thought they should go.  ( I like this chick.)

Lori:  This is where you model next month's book.  Just act natural.
(Tania picked next month's book.  It's all romantical for Valentine's.  Awwww! I'm actually kinda excited to read a sweet novel like that. )

This picture wasn't posed.  After a long and stressful and super crappy, emotionally taxing day I enjoy doing a bit of yoga in my silk jump suit and hot pink stilletos on the granite counter top.  It helps me relax.  Ahhh.  I feel better all ready.

Fresh flowers make me smile in my liver.  Love these.  Red for love and passion.  Yellow for happiness and joy.  Sigh. They just make me happy to look at.