Friday, November 27, 2009


I like attention.  I'm not gonna lie.  Maybe all those years on stage are the culpret. I was always front and center whether I was dancing, singing or acting.  Or maybe I was just born this way.  Who knows?

Do you like attention?  If you would dance it up on an empty dance floor with an old couple it means you like attention.  If you like to be on stage then it means you like attention.  If you like leadership postitions it means you like attention.  If you laugh really loud at parties and crack a lot of jokes it means you like attention.  If you have your very own blog with pictures of mostly yourself it means you like attention.  It's really Ok.  It'll be our little secret.  You're not a bad person. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Like I said, I was always the star of every show I was in.  From the time I could play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the piano until the last time I was asked to sing Santa Baby at a Christmas party (last year).  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I was recently asked to dance a small part in a production of The Nutcracker Ballet.  I couldn't do it.  Why?  I just told you!  It was a SMALL part.  If I'm not the star I'm not interested.

You're totally judging me aren't you?  Try pulling the mote out of your own eye, buddy. You're the star in your own life.  Right?  You're the main character. The protagonist.  Everyone else plays a supporting role in production of your life.  Whether you are reserved or boisterous the world is your stage. 

The world is certainly MY stage.  I give a stellar performance every waking moment.  In my mind there is nothing worse than being boring.  I entertain myself and others constantly with my crazy antics.  I'm not afraid to be an everyday artist.  I wear wild clothes because if I'm on stage I should have a costume.  The star of my show wouldn't be caught dead in mom jeans and a baggy sweatshirt.  If I wear sweats you can bet your sweet booty they are gonna say PINK in huge sparkly letters across my backside.  And I don't wear jeans unless they are so tight and skinny they cut off the circulation to my brain.  (I'm far too smart for my own good anyway.)

It's funny when I watch people perform on a stage.  Quite often they think very highly of themselves.  I can understand that.  When an adoring audience claps and cheers it's virtually impossible to stay humble.  My head is enormous.  I can very rarely find hats that fit right.  (Seriously, guys, I have a really big noggin.  It's wierd.)

Confidence is everything.  I'll say that again.  CONFIDENCE IS EVERYTHING.  Confidence draws people in.  A confident woman (whether she is beautiful or not) will turn heads.  Everyone (I don't care who you are)  has something to be confident about.  I don't perform on a stage very often anymore, but I know I got mad skills, YO.  So I walk into a room with my head held high.  I know I've got a lot to offer.  So do you!

It's very irritating to me when people talk negatively about themselves.  Why talk like that?  Who wants to hear:

"I'm fat."

"I'm ugly."

"I have a small penis."

I know I don't wanna hear it!  Rock what your momma gave you, son!  It's not about size... (well, actually, it kinda is but you still shouldn't get down on yourself.)  It's about owning who you are and what you got.  It's about screaming, "LOOK AT MEEEEEE!" and being poud of what people see.

I realize I'm not the most beautiful woman on the planet. I'm not the most talented woman on the planet either.  (I can't bring myself to say I'm not the smartest chick on Earth though...) I know I am hopelessly flawed.  So what?! I don't have to be the very best at everything.  I just have to be confident Crys.  So I rock to the beat of my own drum.  I ride my own melt, baby. Nobody can eat 50 eggs.

Contemplating the Stage of Life