Thursday, November 26, 2009

Daddy's Baby

I'm a daddy's girl. 

Whenever I see my daddy he always hugs me.  Then he says, "Hey Crys.  You doin' Ok, Baby?".

I automatically become a five year old.  I get a lump in my throat.  I think of all the things I could tell him that break my heart or ail me at the moment.  I'm the oldest though.  I'm a giver.  I'm a pleaser.  It's my calling in life to make people smile.  So I swallow the lump down to my toes and grin.

"Hey Daddy.  I'm GREAT. Happy Thanksgiving!"

Nobody makes me feel as safe as my daddy.  He's not a very athletic, muscular type guy. Instead,  he's gentle and loving.  I know my heart is safe with him.

He sings like an angel.  His voice is the most soothing sound I can think of.  When I'm with him all is right with the world.  When I'm with him I know I am loved unconditionally.  There is nothing I could do to make him stop supporting me.

 I could rob a bank and he would say, "Well, baby, it's a tough economy.  I understand."

I could do horrible, unspeakable things and it would hurt him because he loves me.  But I would never see his pain.  His children can do no wrong. 

The day I got married he was sick the whole day.  He stayed in bed.  He didn't want to hand me over to anyone else.  He knew how difficult marriage can be.  He never wants anything to be difficult on me.  I was never upset he hid on my wedding day.  I've always understood how much he loves me.

My daddy and I are a lot alike.  We both make monkey faces behind people's back.  We both hold in how we really feel and smile to make others comfy.  We both sing the same wrong lyrics to the same songs.  We both sing constantly.  We have the same high cheek bones and long legs.   We are both left handed.  We both love people as hard as we can.

When Daddy's soft southern drawl asks, "You doin Ok, Baby?" my heart melts.  In that moment I AM Ok.  He's happy if I'm happy.

Daddy, I will always always be your baby.  I love you!

Suddenly I'm crying.  Somebody should call me a WAAAA-MBULANCE.

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