Monday, August 13, 2012

Tender Mercy Leather Skirt Lady

I considered (seriously considered) lying to the elliptical when it asked my age today.  An invasion of privacy is what it is!  The nosy machine also asks for my weight every time I intend to begin a vigorous workout. I do lie about that.  These are very rude questions to ask a woman.

I'm a girly girl, in case you haven't noticed.  I really like that about myself.

Guess who else is a girly girl.  GUESS!


VICTORIA BECKHAM! (She's that English, very well-dressed, super skinny, ex-Spice girl who is married to that soccer player guy in all the man pantie ads.)

I just love her.  She's on the cover of Glamour mag this month.  I read my Glam Mag as I ellipticalled today.  I adore simultaneous reading and exercise.  Two of my favorite things in one convenient package.

Guess what Victoria says, first and foremost.  Go on!  GUESS!

THAT'S RIGHT!  (You are very good at this!)

She says, first and foremost,

"I've always been a girl's girl... I don't like women who don't like women!"


I really feel that Victoria and I could be great pals in real life.  And then she might give me some of her gorgeous, expensive designer dresses that she designed all by herself.  (Too rich for my blood.)  They are TOTES FABU!  (That means totally fabulous in some languages.)  

I love this particular quote today because my sweet Bella Boo turned 12 today.  Why, she's practically a lady...

In my Mormon church 12 is the age little girls get to join the Young Women's program.  It's a pretty amazing program.  Inspired. By God.  So... needless to say... it's effective.

I'm THRILLED!  Bella is BEYOND thrilled!!

Bella has been DYING to join the ranks of Young Women for years now.  She'll now be a part of youth activities every Tuesday night.  She will learn to cook and sew and serve old people!  She will be taught to be a leader for good rather than a follower of... whatever the unsupervised kids are doing these days... 

Bella will learn about her Divine Nature and Individual Worth.  I can't WAIT until she really realizes what that means and how special she is!

I want her to be open to what her young women leaders are teaching her. I want her to look up to them and emulate their good examples of what it means to be a virtuous woman.  I want her to become BFFs with the girls in her age group. 

There is so much beauty in good friendships to be had with good women/girls!

I always feel badly (and slightly put-off) for women who say,

"I just never really get along with females.  I prefer men.  I have always just had good male friends...".

EWWWWWWW!  Men are STINKY!  And you can't share lip gloss or bum feminine products off a STINKY MAN/BOY!!! (I should add, because it's true, I like my own personal man real well and he smells quite nice, actually.)

That's all I really have to offer on that subject.

Next subject?

Vintage Leather skirt I found for the low low price of....

Can you believe it????!!!! 

Just the other day I was telling Mr. Pistol how badly I needed a pair of leather pants!

And he was so boring and practical.  He was all like..."something something... needs vs wants... blah blah blah....".

But leather is positively EVERYWHERE for the new fall season!  I was feeling so DEPRIVED!

So look what I found!!!!!

It's even a decent length for a respectable mother of four.  Which I AM! :)

It's a tender mercy.

That's all I'm saying.

A tender mercy.

I must be living right. ;) I fear being twinkled.