Friday, April 20, 2012

Stooges, Nachos and Dad

"I feel rich right now," laughed my dad.

We went to the movies yesterday after work. 

I work for my parents, ya know.  I do whatever I'm told.  And sometimes I bring everyone in the office a homemade lunch, like grilled salmon with steamed broccoli and wild rice.

We have fun in the office.  I don't much care for office work. BOOORRRING!!!!  The office environment with all it's copy machines and fax machines and ringing phones and sample tiles and door knob models make me feel various shades of gray and brown.

I generally feel red or purple.  What color do you feel?

I have fun at the boring office because I am with my family.  My baby sis and stinky, far too handsome for his own good brother work there too.

These people are my very best friends (besides my hubby and kiddos, of course).

Yesterday my brother told me to, "GROW UP!!".  It hurt my feelings.  I'm still licking that wound a bit today.  But I love that little jerk.

The other day my mom told me I was, "obsessive".  HUMPH!  I obsessed about that comment for at least 48 hours.... 

We say it like it is in my family.  I like that. 

I convinced my dad to take me to see The Three Stooges after work yesterday.

"I really need Super Nachos, Dad,".

We had our super nachos.  They were DELISH!!!  OH SO DELISH!

The movie theatre was empty except for me and Dad.

It was marvelous.

We crunched our super nachos super loud.  We laughed at bit too hysterically at all the humorous stuff. I especially laughed at the booger joke. Boogers can be hilarious when you're eating nachos inan empty theatre with your dad.

We answered our phones when they rang.  I didn't even bother silencing my phone!!! How AWESOME is THAT?!  I BROKE A RULE!!!  I feel wild.

I just LOVE my daddy.  He laughs at all my jokes.  ALL of them.  Even the lame ones.

I feel pretty rich too.