Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Perchance To Dream

What if God had not invented sleep?

The idea occurs to me every once in a moonlight.  And I ponder and tremble a little.  What a terrible terrible punishment to never sleep perchance to dream.

Just think on this thing.  Sit on it and think on it.  Wide awake dream on it.

100 Years of Solitude made them mad.  But that was long ago.  Before Red Bulls and Rockstars.

Imagine never ever stopping.  Living living living life. 

Eating reading writing playing cooking shopping

shipping skipping dipping tripping on your feet

tripping on your fate

sex and more sex to pass the time

lying crying frying

laughing passing gassing

fighting biting lighting righting and wronging

with bloodshot eyes

mistaking and mis taking

kissing hugging loving and doving

imagine all you do

and no sleep

awake and cast off the chains

ye are bound oh fair one

I am exhausted.

I awake this way.

No caffiene today I say

but then I do

and after all of that

what if God said

No sleep for the weary

No sleep for the wicked

Is there sleep in the Heavens?