Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mariachi Lorax Mami Loves the Movies

I took my kids to see The Lorax
We bought a few snacks.
$500 plus tax

The theatre 'xperience is worth paying that
It's better than sitting at home with your cat

Kettle corn is salty and sweet and delicious
You crave more and more, which makes me suspicious

What do they put in that corn, anyway?
Who cares.  It tastes YUM!  More!  More! If I may...

More movie.  More laughs.  More diet Coke
You can't get enough of the movies. No joke.
Film entertains us common Joe folk

We slurped on our drinks and watched and we saw
We laughed. We enjoyed and let out a guffaw

We gasped when the kid started cutting down trees
We wanted to cry and fall on our knees
Oh please!
Don't chop down those Truffula Trees!

Hollywood wanted her fans to think deep
Think think think think
Think after paying a price very steep

Hollywood sent out a very green message
So she could look nice in her red carpet vestige
(with all of that money she earned in the process)

She's not after only the cash, silly goose!
She wants us to sit on our corn filled caboose
And take in the sights and the sounds and the songs
If you know the words you can sing right alongs!

The Lorax told kids they should plant trees to grow
Told kids you can't breathe without something to sow

I saw the concerned look on their sweet sticky faces
When the movie got out I was off to the races

To Walmart we flew and bought a few plants
To keep in the house, where we sometimes wear pants.

I'm easily influenced. I'll buy what you're sellin'
I've got those shoe insoles that say I'm a jellin'

(That part's not true.  I don't have those in shoe.)

But I do get confused when I watch stuff on screen
I go home a buy the whole darn submarine (if it's an ocean type film)

We chose a hibiscus and named the plant curly
She has a pink flower I love 'cause it's girly

"You'll be our Lorax!" said Bella to me
"You'll be our Lorax and speak for the trees!"

I spoke to the flowers as I got my hands dirty
I spoke to them sweet and even all flirty
"Don't you dare die... because that will really piss me off."

In other news:

I sang you a song in my bathroom today
You love that.  I know.  I don't care what you say! :)

The song is in Spanish about love lost and gone
She's done lost her man and his name isn't John

It's probably Pedro or Vicente Fernandez
Come back to my arms.  It's my fault! It sayz.

My son tosses his sandwich flat on the floor
He picks up and eats it and asks for some more