Monday, February 20, 2012

Promiscuous Men Gross Me Out and Surprise Monday Dance Party

Slutty guys are gross.

That's my thought today as I am cleaning my house.

I stopped for a minute to have dance party with you because I hate Mondays.  Dancing with you on a Monday makes my day a little brighter.

I feel grumpy today because I am the cleaning lady.  Mama is feeling grump.

I wish I could sing and dance for a living, like J Lo.  Instead I clean.

I have cleaned some of the most disgusting things today.  You don't even want to know.  My dog's ears are one of the disgusting things you don't wanna know.  So ewwwwww!  Sticky, brown, gooey ewwwww on a cotton ball.

What else is gross?

Slutty men.

I saw some at the gym today.

They think they are pretty hot and sexy.  Stupid women think they are hot and sexy too.

But guys who have a lot of sex with a lot of women make me wanna vomit. 

IT'S SOOOO GROSS!  OH MY GOSH IT'S STICKY AND NASTY. AND STRANGERS. AND FOUL!  How can people just have sex with perfect strangers??? I don't get it.  I'm so grossed out right now, I can't even tell you.

I don't get grossed out by promiscuous woman as much as by hooker men that don't even want money for their services.

Easy woman are often just looking for love in the wrong places.

Slutty men are out of control, sneaky snake animals.  They are all wild eyed or sometimes smooth on the outside but wild eyed on the inside.

There is more to life than smelly sex with strangers, yucky horn dog man!


Okay.  I gotta get back to cleaning my house.  I am now behind schedule.

The kids will be home and then I REALLY have no to time to breathe.

I will take a few deep breaths now.  That's pretty much all I get until bedtime.