Sunday, February 12, 2012

An Ambien Musical la lu lalululu... wha?

This is super weird.  I'm all ambiened up ya'll.  Sunday nap means I gotz to medicate or I will be hurtin come Monday.  Mondays are bad enough.


I hope you like looking at my clavical. My face is hidden from view for some strange reason.  I'll have to do a different post in broad daylight wherein the focus is taken off my chest.  Jeez!

I sang you some songs tonight cuz I was feelin so free and loose on the juice.  unfortunately the lighting in my house is too dim to get a decent pic.  The video is all dark and crazy.

Listen at your own risk.

I'm so glad we are friends here and you won't judge me on my absentminded nature and a missed note here and there... whilst medicated.  Good grief!

Here'e something I want form YOU.  Tell me something romantic.  I want to read a story about love that will break my heart or make it swell to bursting.  Whatcha got for me??