Monday, January 9, 2012

Watch Your Attitude Or The ABCs of Abundance

Tonight I gathered all my children together and taught them stuff.  Important stuff.

The prez of the Mormon church wrote an article in our Mormon mag.  The mag is called The Ensign.

I'm technically not supposed to be calling my church "Mormon".  

Technically I'm suppose to say, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which is a mouth full of wordy words.  But that's our real true name 'cause we are Christians and all.  I read the bible and everything...

Some people think we are a CULT. They think we grow horns and tails and sacrifice cats and goldfish.  Silly. I sometimes grow fangs and suck the blood of innocent citizens.  But horns and tails?!  That's ridiculous!

So the article President Thomas S. Monson wrote was about the ABCs of Abundance.  He offered suggestions as to how we might all live full, successful, peaceful and abundant lives.

I will sum up in my own special way.

A is for Attitude.  Don't choose a crappy one. You can CHOOSE your attitude.  In any situation you can decide how you are going to feel.

"Bella," I said addressing my 11 year old.  "What situation really REALLY pisses you off?"

"Well, I hate it when I am in line at school to go to the bathroom and some jerk girl just runs into the bathroom and steals my stall when it's not her turn.  We only have a 4 minute passing period!" 

"I can see how that would be frustrating," said I. "But once the girl is in the stall there is nothing you can do, is there?  You can't kick in the door and yank her off the pot while she's pooping, can you?"

My children giggled at the prospect.

I continued, "All you have left is your attitude regarding the jerky potty thief. You can choose to be angry and hold a grudge and let her ruin you day.  Or you can CHOOSE to have peace in your heart.  Being upset will only hurt YOU.  Eventually you will have pees in the potty and you will be relieved in every way possible."

B is for Believe In Yourself, Others and Eternal Principles.

I believe in fairies and Santa Claus and Leprechauns and MYSELF.  I also believe in YOU!

Plus I have faith that if I am obedient to God's laws I will be blessed.

I am already super duper blessed beyond what I deserve.  I try not to ask for too much more than what I've been given... BUT...

I can't help but hope He blesses me with lots and lots of money so I can get TONS of plastic surgery as I age.  Aging gracefully would make me really unhappy. We are meant to be happy on this earth.

I hope I can fill every crevice of my face with stuff that makes it stay frozen and I want enough lip fillers to rival Daisy Duck. Sexy!

C is for Courage

I told my kids that people can be mean and discouraging in the world.

Sometimes people will say, "YOU SUPER SUCK!  YOU CAN'T DO...[whatever it is you have your heart set on doing]."

This is where we stand up straight and tall and puff up our chests (but not too much if you're a well endowed chick because then people judge you... trust me... I know...) and swing from the trees like Tarzan. We are to beat our chests and accomplish the task at hand!

That's what I taught my kids tonight.  I hope it sinks in.

Speaking of sinks, I cleaned all of mine today.  It was cleaning day here at the Pistol house.  Monday is always cleaning day.

Then I made a delish, healthy dinner.

Then I did homework with the kiddos.

Then I cuddled with my big, strong man.

And plus, I went to the gym this morning.  It was leg day and I'm training for another half marathon.

Then I got the car washed.

In addition, I took lots of deep breaths when Maya pitched a crying fit this morning because she wanted to wear her denim shorts to school even though it was freezing outside.

These are the ABC's and 123's of my life.

My attitude is GRRRREAT! (Except at 6:30 am because I hate mornings.)

Quote of the day:

William James, a pioneering American psychologist and philosopher, wrote, “The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”1