Monday, January 23, 2012

I REFUSE to talk politics *cough* ROMNEY RULES*cough*

Do I dare discuss politics?


I don't want to alienate my readers.  I want everybody to like me and love me.

I will keep myself to myself so far as presidential candidates are concerned.


I will tell ya that I watched the Monday night debate though. (I also watched the latest episode of that Kardashian mess.  I can't get ENOUGH of that trash!)

I may even subliminally infer I have a slight preference regarding who should win Republican candidate and the whole enchilada, for that matter.


I have no intention of being an immature mudslinger.

(Newt's private life and personal history gross me out.  His voice is unpleasant, like nails on a chalkboard or like the stench of eye of Newt in a wicked witches brew. Very smelly.  And he is very selfish to keep all that thick white hair on his head for himself and not share when there are so many bald men with cold heads in the world.)

It's pretty cool I live in a country in which I can say whatever I want about politicians without fear of punishment.

It's pretty cool that there is a black president in a country that not so very long ago would not allow black children to attend the same schools as white children.

My dad was telling me just the other day how he remembers the very first time black children were allowed to ride on the same bus as he and his classmates in South Carolina.

He remembers how strange it was.  And how scared the new passengers seemed that day.  How his daddy (my Pops) had warned that morning, "Now, you don't look at them and they won't look at you!"

Black children have no need to be scared now, do they?

White kids can look at black kids.  Black kids can look at white kids.  They can even be friends.  Imagine that.

We have a black president.  We have come so far.

Guess what else is cool.

It's pretty cool that a Mormon is running for president.  He is doing well.

Not so long ago an extermination order was put out by a certain Governor Boggs allowing people to shoot Mormons in cold blood.  Just because they were... Mormons.

We are no strangers to persecution.

But now look!  Mitt Romney is a Mormon dude and he is doing quite well for his little Mormon self!

I must admit I like Romney largely because he is Mormon. I know what he stands for.  I stand for the same things.  He is a good man.  With a good family.

He's one of my peeps, Romney is.

Guess what bums me out though.

People are afraid of Mormons.   People think we have weird beliefs.


We do.  Have weird beliefs.

But so does everybody else.

Other Christian sects think our Book of Mormon is bizarre and false.  They preach against us in their places of worship.  They think there is no way an angel could have appeared to a young boy and told him where to find ancient scripture in the form of gold plates hidden in the ground on a hill in upstate New York.

Putting it that way I guess I agree it is a strange belief.

Know what else are strange beliefs?

A talking donkey.

Noah filling an ark, constructed by he and his sons, with every animal, male and female, on the earth right before a flood came and drowned the entire human population not on that boat.

Sampson cutting off his hair and losing all his strength.

Hungry lions not eating Daniel.

The garden of Eden.

A virgin giving birth to the Savior of the world.

Those things are all in the Bible.  I believe the Bible is the word of God.  As do all my Mormon pals the world over.

And what about people who believe God is sort of an essence.  A cloud.  A fluffy, fuzzy presence that is nowhere, yet everywhere...  That's pretty weird.

Buddhists believe peculiar stuff too.  Let's not leave them out.

So you see, my friend,  we are all a peculiar people.

Perhaps the key to demolishing fear is education. Knowledge is power.

Got any questions about Mormons and our beliefs?  Ask away.  I'm ready.

PS I wish Kim Kardashian had held out just a few more days in her marriage to Chris.  I'm just not ready to see their train wreck relationship end yet!  There is only one more episode until splizville!  I also wish I had professionals to do my makeup like Kim's everyday.  She looks very Kardashian Barbie.