Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I have been eating a pomegranate for the last hour.  I love those.

I have been sitting in my over-sized chair in the semi-darkness.  Slowly I have enjoyed my anti-oxidant rich snack.

I have been staring at my toes and thinking.  About my sister's wedding.  I am so happy for her.  About the dress and red rose I will wear in my hair.  I am so happy for me.  About Serena turning 13 tomorrow.  I am blessed to have her.  Am I really old enough to own a teenager?
I bought my granada for $1.50.  A special treat for just me.

I didn't know the English word for pomegranate until I was a freshman in high school.

I used to steal granadas from my Abuelita's neighbor.  Abuelita always scolded granada thieves.  I ate them with my cousins and siblings under the branches of the great tree.  There we would hide with sticky fingers and faces until we were discovered.  I often stole granadas and hid them under my shirt.  I fooled no one.

The pomegranate throughout history has been a powerful representation of fertility.

A friend of mine cried in my living room the other night.  She wants a child so badly.  I silently prayed for the desire of her heart.

 I have always taken my own fertility for granted.  The very thought of a baby plants a seed in my womb.  My Granny had 9 children.  My Abuelita  had 8.  Tia Lupita had 13.  Her last at the age of 50 which she delivered alone for pride.  She felt 50 was too old to have a baby...

We are a fertile people.

Fertile Myrtles, we are.

I like to pluck the seeds one by one and place them on my tongue. I roll a single juicy kernel around my mouth before I bite.

My husband thinks they are a silly fruit that take far too much time and effort to consume.

I find great beauty in a sweet fruit that takes so much tenderness and care to indulge.

Homer mentions the fruit in the Odyssey. 

 The Song of Solomon sings her praises 6 times.

I am certain pomegranates grew in abundance in The Garden of Eden.  Of this fruit ye may freely eat...

So I do.

My fingers are sticky.