Saturday, November 12, 2011

Golden Walls and Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots pretty much sucked..  Can you see how serious I am outside the theater as my younguns run amuck? In addition, I am totally posing but you're used to that by now.

I was so very disappointed in the Latino felines represented by Salma and Antonio.  I had such high hopes!  Oh, I forced a laugh here and there, sure.  But it was no Shrek.

No matter. If nothing else the sub par movie has inspired me to pull my black high heeled thigh highs from the closet and give them another whirl.  I do so enjoy a sizzling pair of thigh highs. Few things make me sassier.  I could rule the world in thigh high leather boots.  I really could.

My house is in disarray.


Tonight I put men to work.  Mine and Mike.

I am elated with the result!

I have never picked a paint color before.  Not ever.

My custom home building perfectionist hubby has always had very strong opinions regarding paint color in our previous houses.  Brown.  Tan. Brown. Frown.

Paint colors were a battle I would not win and had no desire to fight.

 Recently my man suprised me by offering that I pick the paint.  Imagine that!  After all there years... With the wisdom of years my old man is learning to relax regarding some of the details in life.  I am so proud of him! And uber grateful he is willing to slave over girly yellow paint.

Some men grow to be old and crotchety and die in brown/tan houses. It's a sad epidemic. But not my man!  He is becoming more flexible as time and trials wear him down and I don't ever have to nag.  Man, do I hate a nag!  Ick.  Just shut your trap already, old nag.

I picked golden walls.  I love gold.  The color makes me happy in my heart.  I love golden geese.  Gold jewelry.  Golden sunsets.  Gold grills on a has been rapper.

Whilst the men were sweating downstairs I worked up a storm upstairs.

I'm making drapes for my very own house!  WOOO HOOOOOO!

I'm so excited.  I just can't hide it.  I'm about to lose control and I think I like it.

Fabric has that effect on me.  I lose complete control and streak though the streets at the mere thought of new fabric.  Indecent, I know.  I've been arrested a few times.

I cut all the panels tonight.  I am short.  In all my meticulous mathematical calculations it seems I messed up.  I'll order more tomorrow.

OOOOO MY HOUSE IS GONNA BE SO PRETTY WHEN I'M ALL DONE!!  Warm and inviting with pops of red (BLAM!), that's what I want.

Check it out, ya'll.